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Eremite, Arizona, USA

Date of Post: 2012-10-03
Review: Mr. Rusfeldt paid as agreed pursuant to the order entered by the U.S. District Court, Southern District of Texas on March 27, 2008 captioned "Commodity Futures Trading Commission v. Aden Rusfeldt and Rusfeldt Investments LLP d/b/a Currency Trading Made Easy".

Thomas J, Houston, USA

Date of Post: 2012-05-27
Review: I am pleased to tell the whole world that I have been reimbursed for losses by Aden Rusfeldt. Mr. Aden did not have to do this.But I thank GOD for him to take the responsibility to take care of his mistakes.Am sure God is going to prosper him for doing this to his clients.Eventhough it took long time than I thought,he made good on his word and returned all money lost in his managed account from 2005. Thank You, Mr.Aden .GOD bless!!!!

Robert, Wisconsin

Date of Post: 2011-10-03
Review: WOW is what I said after I received a check from Aden Rusfeldt for my losses back 5 years ago. I was told by son to go and read some posts on the FPA that Aden was repaying back his losses on his managed accounts. So I contacted him and within one day he got back to me again WOW. He said he wanted peace of mind and was in the loooong process of paying everyone back. Well I have to say that he is better than most people for doing that. I never thought I would see that money again. I know trading is a risk and you might lose it all and when I did I was not happy that it happened so fast. I thought well there goes that money for good. I give alot of credit to Aden Rusfeldt for paying back the losses. I hope he does well in his life for he is doing what most people would not even attempt to do. Take care of yourself.

Sheela Jacob, Texas

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Date of Post: 2011-09-26

Extremely greatful to Mr. Aden Rustfeldt for totally compensating my losses which happened in 2005 through the managed trade. I know in my heart that he is a good man, in fact, a rare good human being for taking such a step which probably, honestly he didn’t have to. Thank you Sir, Mr. Rustfeldt, for your honesty and kindness, you are certainly a gem of a person, very few of us could claim that. If you ever decide to start another similar venture, count me in. Thanks again.

Sheela Jacob

Fred Pearce, Glen Rose, TX

Date of Post: 2011-08-16
Review: I am pleased to join the growing list of traders who have been reimbursed for losses by Aden Rusfeldt. It seems in the FX business there are many unscruplous people, so I am happy to report Mr Rusfeldt is not one of them. He made good on his word and returned all money lost in his managed account from 2005. Thank You, Aden

Carmelita, Texas

Date of Post: 2011-08-14
Review: I recently learned on this forum that Aden was contacting previous clients of his managed accounts and refunding loses. Since my participation was in 2005 and I had moved since that time I decided to try to make contact with Aden through FPA to provide my current contact information. Within a day I was contacted by Aden with an apology for the loses and an offer to refund my losses which were significant for me, 25K+.. Within a few days I had a check in hand for the entire amount of my losses and an invitation to attend his church as well. I think that Aden is trying to get peace of mind by doing the right thing. He seems a changed man and I wish him well for the future. Thank you Aden for the refund and thank you FPA for providing this forum that lead to my contact with Aden.

Daniel, Maryland

Date of Post: 2011-03-18
Review: In 2005 Aden Rusfeldt managed an account for me, which quickly lost more than half. I closed the account and decided to take the loss, because even though the ground rules were broken, I knew the risks going in.
Recently however I came across this site and read where others in my position got their losses back. I made contact with him and was very pleased with his prompt response. He apologized for the losses and in a few days I had a check in hand. I’m very happy with the outcome. He did the right thing, I wish him well and thanks to forexpeacearmy

Ross, Australia

Date of Post: 2011-03-06
Review: I, like so many others, invested in Aden’s conservative managed account in 2005 and watched in despair as my account imploded virtually overnight!!! Aden apologised at the time for breaking his own risk management rules & promised that it wouldn’t happen again, so I stuck with him for several months but unfortunately the situation never improved.
I eventually closed my account and gave up hope of ever seeing those funds again!!!
This was not the first time that I had had a bad experience with other people managing my money and I kicked myself for allowing it to happen again.Fast forward 5 ½ years, & when I first read the about the experiences of other investors who had received restitution, I must say that I was rather suspicious about the validity of the posts.
It turns out that my cynicism was completely unfounded as I am very happy to let others know that I am now amongst a growing group of past clients who have received full restitution of trading losses from the managed account.
My recent correspondence with Aden has shown me that he is an honourable man who is taking responsibility for his previous mistakes and truly doing his best rectify the past.I really do take my hat off to Aden because its one thing for someone to say that they are sorry. but to back up those words by reimbursing clients losses 5 years after the event (of which there were many) must be a daunting task and shows just how sincere he really is about doing the right thing.I have not previously heard of any others who have made such genuine efforts to rectify past mistakes and I truly wish Aden every success for the future.

Ken H, Arizona

Date of Post: 2011-02-08
Review: Aden Rusfeldt apologized for my trading losses and paid me back everything all that was lost. In the end he did the right thing so I’m giving him 4 stars.

Don C, Nassau Bay, TX

Date of Post: 2011-01-11
Review: Aden’s actions have made up for the past. I am satisfied with how he handled it.

Xtran, North Carolina

Date of Post: 2011-01-06
Review: I was one of the first group of people who have a managed account with Aden back in 2005 and within two weeks my account value was reduced by 60%. Unlike many people here my actual loss in dollar amount was relatively very small because of the small size of my invested capital. I can accept the loss if the loss was the result of Aden’s lack of or inadequate skill as a trader but i have a hard time accepting it if that loss was a the result of a scam. Anyway, I was surprised when Aden contacted me 3 weeks ago and agree to make full the amount that i’d lost. The check arrived last week and is cleared through my bank this week. Thanks Aden for doing the right thing and i wish others who happen to experience losses such as mine will be as lucky as i in receiving their restitution.

Bill R, Houston, TX

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Date of Post: 2011-01-05
Review: We invested $50,000 with Aden and did well for a period of time, but the market was challenging and we lost our investment. Even though we knew it was high risk, we went ahead with the investment. Aden is a man of honor and he soon returned the full amount of our investment back to us. Aden was true to his word.

Scott F, Walnut Creek, CA

Date of Post: 2011-01-03
Review: I invested $80,000 in 2006 with Mr. Rusfeldt. I, like some of you, lost alot of my money…approximately $40,000.I didn’t want to post anything on this site since I believe that I am a man and I took responsibilty and risk just like any other investment. I was really bummed out about losing so much and was petrified to get the bad news about such a loss. The good news was that Aden recently came thru with the difference of $40,000 and I was nervous until the check cashed and it did!!! I think it’s one thing to admit when your wrong or make mistakes…it’s another when you come in strong and do the right thing by making your investors whole Aden…thanks for doing the right thing and being a man of your word. You didn’t HAVE to do this BUT you did and that’s the difference. For all others, hang in there, I believe he is going down a list…you could be next.

Larry D, Texas

Date of Post: 2010-11-05
Review: All,
I had invested a fairly large amount (at least it was for me) back in 2006. I had given up on ever recovering my losses. Aden contacted me a couple of weeks ago out of the blue. I hadn’t heard from him in almost 4 year so I thought he might be running a scam.He told me he wanted to return my losses and wanted to talk. He called me and said he wanted to do the right thing and return what I had lost. I was still skeptical even after we talked. But a few days later I received a check for the entire amount. I held my breath until it cleared but it went through without a problem.
He said he was working his way down the list and planned to return everyone’s losses. I commend the guy for stepping up and doing the right thing. Not an easy task, I’m sure. Hopefully everyone will have the same experience that I had.Thanks for doing the right thing Aden, I appreciate your effort.

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